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Prepare to Spring Forward


Prepare to Spring Forward

The good news is Springing forward isn’t as bad as Falling back as far as infant/toddler sleep is concerned but it may still interfere with a sensitive little one’s schedule. If your munchkin is very easy going she might not even notice the difference but be prepared for those with strong natural rhythms – it will be hard on their body clocks. Everything will feel a ‘bit off’ for a few days.

So what can you do:
1. Do nothing, your tot will go to bed at her usual time and wake up at her usual time which will actually be an hour later on Sunday morning – Yippee for a rare sleep in opportunity! This option is good for parents with early risers.

2. Wake your tot 1 hour early on Sunday to keep her bedtime at the usual time on Sunday evening; the risk of her sleeping in 1 hour is that she won’t be ready to go to bed at the new 7pm because to her it will feel like 6pm. This option is good for parents who need their toddler to be up and ready to go out by a certain time first thing in the morning (e.g. day care drop off prior to work).

3. Split the difference, wake your tot 30 minutes earlier on Sunday morning to gradually adjust her body clock over the coming 2-3 days. You’ll need to adjust naps, meals and bedtime accordingly until your tot is waking up and going to bed at the new desired time.
Be prepared to be flexible. Jumping ahead an entire hour can be a real nuisance for your Aristotot’s internal body clock.

Don’t plan too many activities for the first few days after Springing forward, instead, make quality naps a priority to help your tot adjust faster; ensure your tot gets plenty of natural light and fresh air first thing in the morning to help her adjust to the new time. You could take the dog for a walk together or have a short trip to the park, even just opening some doors and windows is better than nothing.
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