Lure your little guy (or doll) back to their lunch plate

I recently wrote a note to some families at my workplace, they were struggling with keeping lunch interesting for little ones. Its mid – year, school/preschool is nearly out for summer, and us Moms are running out of inspiration. Sometimes it feels like your picky eater is impossible to please, so lunches can become lackluster. Are you thinking “what am I going to offer my little guy on his plate every day throughout summer?!” Trust me when I say, I understand this overwhelming feeling. Here’s an excerpt (adapted a little for my blog), it will help you lure your little guy (or doll) back to their lunch plate:

From my own experience, I know it can sometimes be hard to keep making lunches interesting, nutritious and appealing. Also from my own experience, I can say persistence pays off eventually. Keep offering a variety of foods and one day, I promise, they will begin to eat and even enjoy them. It will happen; honestly! I can’t promise it won’t drive you mad in the interim though.

I am sharing some things below which have worked for me as a Mom. I hope you find them helpful.

  1. Who doesn’t love pizza?!

Pizza can actually be quite nutritious: choose a wholewheat base/crust (if you’re making it at home use less oil in the recipe, if its readymade you can place it on a paper towel to absorb some excess oil), the tomato sauce is full of vitamin C and the cheese is a good source of fat and protein. Add some colourful veggies and some meat/chicken/tofu as toppings and you have something from most major food groups.

  1. Mix things up by putting the tomato sauce, cheese and other pizza toppings between two whole wheat flour tortillas and you have a “Mexican Pizza” (Sounds exotic right!)

  1. Present veggies with a tasty dip, examples: serve hummus or bean dip with carrot sticks and whole grain crackers; pair up tricolour pepper sticks with an avocado or cheese dip.

  1. Try a pesto dip (assuming there is no nut allergy) with brioche or focaccia. You can use any kind of nuts from almonds to walnuts, or skip the nuts entirely and go for a pumpkin seed base. You can substitute basil for spinach. Nuts and seeds are a great source of nutrients.

All these dips are so easy to whip up with the help of a blender. You don’t need an all bells and whistles contraption, an immersion blender will do the job just fine.

  1. Cutting up fruit for dipping and offering it with a yoghurt dip works well. Use Greek yoghurt to pack that extra protein punch. Shred apple or cucumber, carrots or tomato and swirl into plain yoghurt to sneak in a serving of fruit and veg.

  1. Disguise veggies in the spaghetti sauce. Chop up carrots, peppers, sweet potato (basically anything) into very small pieces and add to the tomato sauce. Add cauliflower, broccoli, peas or edamame to stove top mac and cheese.

  1. Invest in some cookie cutters. It’s amazing how much easier a ‘plain old’ sandwich goes down when you present it in the form of a shape, object or character.

  1. One thing I have found to be a big help is actually talking about food; chit chatting about the benefits of eating a variety of different foods for our bodies and overall health; even the younger ones benefit from this conversation. As they grow they will understand more and more; this also helps them to ultimately make healthy choices for themselves when they are older.

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3 Comments on “Lure your little guy (or doll) back to their lunch plate

  • Nicola Beeton
    August 26, 2017 at 3:14 pm

    Great ideas! I will try these out for my little one!

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    Thanks for the compliment. I will pass on to the owner. You can email her via the contact form submission on the website to ask about guest writing. Cheers.

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