Triumphant Toilet Training

Triumphant Toilet Training


Now that Summer is upon us, you might be considering toilet training, signs that indicate your TOT is ready for Toilet training include:


  1. Your TOT showing an awareness of bodily functions; she might retreat to a corner of the room at pee or poop time, she might pull a particular face or outright tell you she is doing it.
  2. Your TOT shows an understanding of bathroom terminology – words like pee, poop, toilet or potty, wipe and flush.
  3. Your TOT is able to understand and follow simple directions, for instance, “pull your pants down”
  4. Your TOT is able to undress/dress fairly easily.


Learning to use the toilet is a milestone which occurs at different times for individual children.  It is a process for your child to understand; and be comfortable with; when and how to use the toilet. Set your TOT up for success, here’s how:


  1. Remember, to learn a new skill of any sort takes time and consistency – this is particularly true for toilet training – be patient, kind, and consistent. It’s a process!
  2. Don’t confuse your TOT – each caregiver, whether its parents, grandparents, the babysitter or at daycare, needs to be on the same page.
  3. Don’t over react when there is an ‘accident’ inevitably there will be many! It’s part of the process. Don’t shame your TOT; never use the word “bad” it sends the wrong message; let her finish and always allow her an opportunity to sit on the toilet regardless of the accident. So as to reinforce the idea that we pee & poop in the toilet. Even if it’s too late and she has wet or soiled her underwear sitting her on the toilet will help her to establish a link between the bodily function and the place to do it.
  4. Allow your TOT to feel the difference between wet & dry so she learns that it is uncomfortable to be wet; and comfortable to be dry – you can do this by giving diaper free time to begin with and gradually move towards wearing underwear during the entire day.
  5. Provide clothing which is easy for your TOT to use independently – elasticated pants are best during this process, belts, buttons, zips and the like are difficult enough for little fingers to negotiate without the added stress of needing to pee or poop.
  6. Build toileting into your daily routine; and keep it simple. At the start, offer the potty/toilet more frequently. Roughly every 20 minutes, until your TOT gets the idea, then progress to using the toilet at regular intervals such as after waking up, before going to sleep, after meals, and before leaving the house.


For more support or help with this exciting process contact us at Whether it’s a one – off consultation or something more long term – We can provide a package to suit your needs.

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